Letter of Invitation

Dear Colleagues,

We hereby would like to extend to you our cordial invitation to attend the 8th conference of the International Cancer Microenvironment Society (ICMS), which will take place in Lisbon, Portugal during June 10-14, 2018.

We have come a long and fruitful way since the initiation of the Tumor Microenvironment Society in 1995. PubMed data indicate that the number of "cancer microenvironment"-related articles has grown from 94 in 1994 to 4849 articles in 2016. Based on a two-decade research of cells and molecules that make up the tumor microenvironment and the study of their interactions with tumor cells, we are now at a translational phase, where efforts are directed at developing drugs and modalities that target various aspects of the tumor microenvironment. Among these are signal transduction inhibitors, anti-inflammatory drugs, immune checkpoint blockers and angiogenesis inhibitors.

Previous conferences of our society were all truly multidisciplinary and achieved the goal of the organizers: to affirm the significance of the tumor microenvironment in cancer, as well as to create a friendly forum that promotes a critical review of novel studies on the topic. Traditionally, a large number of students and fellows attended our conferences, thus testifying that young scientists are apt to pursue their scientific careers in this arena.

.The 2018 conference will combine basic, translational and clinical sessions focusing on the tumor microenvironment and it's harnessing for better management of cancerous diseases. We expect that both basic and clinical cancer specialists will benefit from the conference and establish a crosstalk toward future studies and collaborations.

Attractive social activities were always an integral part of the ICMS conferences. The Lisbon conference will not be different. This city has a unique charm and beauty, dynamic atmosphere and a lively nightlife. Late spring is indeed the best season to explore Lisbon.

Come to Lisbon in June 2018 and enjoy innovative science and a great cultural experience!


Eitan Yefenof Luis Costa
President, Chair,
Int. Cancer Microenvironment Society Local Organizing Committee